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the database now contains Over 738,000 record releases, 1,180,000 musicians, 2,400,000 Tracks yes that is 2.4 million Tracks


RockRom CD-ROM
RockRom is a massive artist, Bands, Musicians and tracks database all contained on one CD-ROM You can search in many ways and you can even add new data. You can add records to your own collection details with a click of a mouse

RockRom covers all types of popular music has information on Rock, Pop, Blues Rock, Pop, Folk, World music, Jazz, MOR, Comedy, Progressive, Indie, Electronic, Kraut Rock. Southern Rock, Soft Rock, Rap in fact most types records except classical are in the database You name it I will probably be in the RockRom database

RockRom Designed and published by Terry Hounsome Record Researcher.

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Rock Record7 Book

Rock Record 7the album file book.Most recent version is number seven The latest Version of the discography book that has been published in different versions since 1978

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latest updates and fixes to provide the best service I can, It is my policy to make available the latest version of the RockRom program and other files as soon as any changes are made.

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The book Single File is out of print. All the contents I could save are in the RockRom CD ROM plus thousands more singles.

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